Wedding Lighting In Andalucia

KokkoEventos is a wedding light company in Andalucia that is dedicated to the event lighting. We know that lighting is very important for the decoration of events, as well as it has the capacity to transform spaces by their own.

In our wedding light Company we have all what is necessary, being one of the best in Andalucia and in the rest of Spain. Our great variety of lighting places us in the market as professional on wedding lighting in Andalucia.

If you are looking for an LED strips umbrella to give an elegant atmosphere in your celebration, KokkoEventos is your company.

If your event is celebrated in an outdoor space, let our lighting wedding company be responsible of putting lighting towers with hanging lamps and we will make from your space a worm place to be.

In KokkoEventos we differentiate for being a company dedicated to the lighting for weddings   in a decorative way. Quality and good taste go hand in hand. We light trees with LED strips, as well as we can transform a simple tree in you dreamed tree, filling up every corner with illuminated cages.

Our creative team is in a constant search of tendencies, so if you have any idea, tell it to us and KokkoEventos will do the possible to make them real.

In our works realized section, you will find a big variety of jobs we have done in the past, so you can know better our work.

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